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Easy Service Optimizer [FREE]

Easy Service Optimizer [FREE]

All Windows versions loads many services at startup , most of them (Not all) are essential for the core system features . By disabling unnecessary services, the performance can be improved significantly, especially on computers with low system resources , here’s some of the windows services which are generally enabled by default that you can disable safely

– Print Spooler (if you don’t use a printer or print-to-PDF)
– Bluetooth Support (if you don’t use Bluetooth)
– Remote Registry (it’s not usually running by default, but you can disable it for safety)
– Remote Desktop (There are 3 services. If you don’t use Remote desktop, disable them)
but disabling a service was not for the novice (now it is)

Easy service optimizer (Eso) is a portable freeware to optimize almost all Windows services (except windows 98 and below) and It does not require any technical knowledge , It is very safe to use because it changes only the startup typ of the services and You can restore them easily , you can create your own list or customize selected one

Easy Service Optimizer [FREE]

How to Use

After unzip run it , Eso can detect your Operating system automatically and will show appropriate Windows services list , now you have 4 choice :

1. Default (Your current windows service list)
2. Safe (You can use it without any risk)
3. Tweaked (Optimized)
4. Extrem (Optimization level is very high)
After selection use “Apply settings” button

NOTE: The service Lists include only optimization capable services (Not All of them) , Adding a new service and changing its startup type may make your system unstable please be careful , we do not accept any responsibility for any mistakes.

Easy Service Optimizer [FREE]

You can easily work on the service list for example you can delete , edit or add a service , you can start , restart or stop it , working on the list only changes the services startup typ for example if you delete bthserv (Bluetooth) service it mean you don’t want to optimize bthserv service , Easy service optimizer never delete any service

Reset services list

if you want to load the first default list just choose Services > Reset Service List

Easy Service Optimizer [FREE]

Under the service menu you can see the supported Operating system services lists too

Save Current services list

if you want to save the current list use File > Save as menu

Easy Service Optimizer [FREE]

on the same menu, you can Create a reg file or open saved services list and choose one of the saved list to edit or Apply

Add a new service or Edit one

You can add a new service to the list by the “Add” button or you can edit one by the “Edit selected service” Button , on edit service Menu you can change the startup typ , restore typ or a service’s  Apply typ (in the Groups)

Easy Service Optimizer [FREE]

Easy service Optimizer has Cmd support, here are the commands

Easy Service Optimizer [FREE]

Source : For the Windows services Optimizations , we have used Black Viper web page’s tweaks partially

Supported operating systems: Windows 10 , Windows 8.1 ,Windows 8 , Windows 7 , Windows Vista, Windows Xp – (x86 & x64)
Supported languages: English , Turkish , German , Swedish , Japanese , Vietnamese , French , Portuguese (Brazilian) , Spanish , Hungarian , Russian , Italian , Polish , Chinese Simplified , Chinese Traditional , Slovene , Estonian , Indonesian , Greek

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