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Instantly Increase The Conversion Rate Of Your CALL-TO-ACTION On Any Page Of Your Website


The ONLY software of its kind that allows you to create professionally crafted CTA bars for your sales pages, Blog Sites, Landing Pages and websites with the click of a few buttons

CTA Bar is a web based software tool to easily create fully mobile responsive Call-To-Action Bars for on your website. You know those notification bars at the top or the bottom of your page to get extra user attention. You can add countdown timers, opt-in forms or images for highly effective Call-To-Actions.


How does CTA Bar works?

Just login to your dashboard and start creating your new campaign by either selecting a built-in template or start from scratch. Then go the settings and determine on which pages/domains you want your bars to be shown (or exclude pages). Now you can make separate designs for either desktop or mobile pages. If you are satisfied, save your settings and a (one sentence) script will be created that you can place as embed code in the header of any web page (WordPress site or any HTML site).

Creating Call To Actions of Your Site In Minutes Is Now Possible!

Select Your Goal: What Result You Want
Simply enter in what kind of goal you want to achieve with your CTA Bar: it could be to Generate Traffic, Collect Email or Connect & Share.

Follow Each Step Customizing Your CTA Bar & See What It Looks Like In Real Time

Simply go through and build your Bar step by step, adding in each component of what you want the end result to look like, whether you want the Bar to follow your visitor around as they scroll through your page, how long you want it to appear for and many other features.

Grab Your Embed Code & Copy Into Your Page

Once you have created your very own CTA Bar, simply take the automatically generated code and paste it into the code of your website or page you want it to appear on! It’s THAT simple!

Here’s All Of The Other Of All Of CTA Bar’s Uses:

High converting scarcity bars in seconds for your launches
CTA Bar makes it easy to create the launch scarcity bars you've seen on the top online marketing launches. Now you can leverage these scarcity bars to make even more money from your launches and sales pages.

Lead Capture Bar’s For Your Blog TO Increase Opt-ins By Up To 3X
Simply add a CTA bar to your blog and watch your Opt-Ins skyrocket. One of the easiest ways to make money with this software is to add a Opt-In to a blog page and then capture leads to promote to over and over again.

Collect Registrations For Events With Your CTA Bar
Do you have an event you need to invite people to? Use CTA Bar - visitors can simply register inside of CTA and receive all the information they need for your event. Easy!

Receive Donations Right From Your CTA Bar
You've seen Wikipedia use it over and over again. If you're taking donations for your local charity use CTA Bar! CTA Bar stands out, it's easy to find and you'll find your donations will increase as a result.

Sell Products From Your CTA Bar
You can actually sell products inside of CTA Bar. With the click of a mouse use CTA Bar to promote then show a clickable buy link inside of the bar.

Direct Your Visitors Where You Want In Seconds Right From CTA Bar
Call To Action Bars on your websites are still the most powerful yet obvious way to use CTA Bar. Use these on your websites to increase the amount of clicks you get through to an offer, event or sales page.

This script is hosted and runs on So you can use these bars on any website you own (i.e. websites you control), but you don’t need anything to install (like a WordPress plugin).

How can you use these Call-To-Action Bars?
These bars can be used for any special message or extra attention you want. There are 4 main objectives for using these bars:

✓For Lead Generation. You can use the bar as opt-in bar.
✓To emphasize Scarcity with countdown timers.
✓Attention grabbing Call-To-Action buttons, images or (social sharing) links.
✓Toolbars. You can use CTA Bar for creating … toolbars.

Other features of CTA Bar:

✓Easy to use WYSIWYG editor with full customization features for bars, timers and opt-in forms. The bar is divided into 3 sections (left, middle and right). You can set the high of the bar, choose any color you want, use shadows, upload images, use HTML code etc.
✓Autoresponder integration. Enter your Autoresponder settings once. It has API integration with AWeber, GetResponse and MailChimp. But you can use any HTML form code from your favorite Email Service Provider.
✓Fully Mobile Responsive. You can even design separate bars for desktop and mobile devices.

What makes CTA Bar so special?

Firstly CTA bar is web based. So you don’t need anything to install and you can access all your bars (on different sites) from one central dashboard from any device with internet connection (just from you browser).

Secondly you can use CTA Bar on any website you control. Not only on your WordPress blog but also on any HTML site.

Furthermore you can create fully customizable separate bars for desktops and mobile devices. Hence you know the bars will show up beautifully on any device and looks just the way you want.

Finally you can easily create highly effective banners with the built-in countdown timers and opt-in form features.



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