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Protect Your Videos And Your Business Against Content Thieves And Hackers

VidProtect is an awesome new tool to protect your videos (standard version) and other content (PRO version) from thieves and hackers. It’s super easy to use. With just one click you can convert your regular video URL or (embed/iframe/HTML) code into encrypted code. Followed by just a copy and paste (overwrite) action to “fully” protect your content. And the best part, for those thefts that still copy your videos/content, their visitors will be redirected to your preset URL.

What happens when someone copies your (encrypted) video code?

In that case, every visitor (visiting the page with the copied encrypted code) will be automatically send to your URL. Instead of worrying about stolen content, you’ll be glad someone did, because now you get extra free traffic!

(e.g. Amazon S3)


Embed code/iFrame
(e.g. YouTube/Vimeo)




Main features of VidProtect:

✓ Cloud-based and Mobile Responsive. You can access your app from any device or browser you want.
✓ Instantly protects ANY video from being stolen by bots or humans. Your videos are safe on your domain and can’t be copied.
✓ Works with YouTube, Vimeo, Amazon S3, Wistia or any other video hosting platforms.
✓ Encrypts plain video URL (Amazon s3) and embed code or iframe code (video platform codes).
✓ Redirect on unauthorized sites. You decide on which site your video will be shown. On every other site, their visitors will be redirected to your redirect URL.
✓ HTML code protection. Instead of only protecting your videos, now you can protect your full HMTL page or snippets of HTML code.
✓ No limit Site License. With the standard version you can protect up to 100 sites. With the PRO version you can use VidProtect for unlimited personal sites.
✓ Save your encryptions for future use. The standard version doesn’t save your encryptions, the PRO version does.
✓ Adjust your Redirects directly from your dashboard. In the standard version you have to copy/paste your encryptions for every change. ✓ With the PRO you can change your redirect from within the dashboard without having to change the code on your page.
✓ The HTML protection is a great extra feature that protects you from scraping your (source code) content by robots. Now you can protect any webpage (or part of it) with a simple one second copy and paste action. A must have add-on!


These days videos are generally very easy to download or “rip” from websites by either grabbing their direct URL in the source code or using third party websites and browser extensions that allow you to download any video on a website.

Most marketers are fully aware that videos are the most powerful form of media and offer the best conversion rates and they are always looking for the quickest path to profits which is why it has become “strategic” and advantageous for them to steal videos from other marketers by downloading them, rebranding them, and using it for their own benefits.

Furthermore, they are doing this without putting forth any effort to create the actual videos. You know, the effort that people like you and me spend each time we create videos intended for our own use and nobody else’s benefit.

VidProtect is a cloud based app that will secure ALL of the media on your website through encryption which ensures that your videos remain unique to your website and any profit earned through your videos will exclusively belong to their rightful owner (you).

In fact, if you have VidProtect installed, you can add a cover redirect script which automatically redirects anyone that attempts to download your video. Want to give these guys a taste of their own medicine?? You are turning the tables on these thieves and stealing THEIR traffic now…

And there is nothing complicated or intimidating about VidProtect. As you can see from the product demo shown above, it is very well designed with an intuitive interface that provides a user-friendly experience. You will have this up and running easily with your mind is at ease knowing your hard work has been fully secured.



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