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Get Targeted Traffic
With the Content You Already Share

Rocket Bar is a web-based software that lets users put high converting calls to action on ANY website of their choice. You can now leverage authority and niche sites that aren’t even your own to build your list and drive more sales.

Rocket Bar [GIVEAWAY]
RocketBar is an amazing software and perfect for affiliate marketers in 2015. With RocketBar you can finally profit BIG by giving your website visitors a strong call-to-action with the new RocketBar you can install on ANY website you want. It’ll even follow visitors of that site around as they browse, so you can be sure that you have done everything you could to get them to do any one of the following:

✓Sign up to your newsletter
✓Visit Your Sales Page
✓Get in on an affiliate promotion
✓Connect with you on Social Media
✓And more!

The possibilities are endless!

Plus with the high-converting template inside of the software, you’ll be able to make sure your bar performs…and performs well, making it even easier for you to profit than ever before!

Rocket Bar [GIVEAWAY]

It includes:
✓The software that allows you to target your website or any other website visitors that
click through your link with a clear call-to-action bar, to give you a boost in your overall traffic and conversions.
✓Capture MORE leads every single campaign or every time someone stops by your site (or any one else’s website) even if it’s just to ‘browse’
✓Have your RocketBar follow your visitor around the website – so it’s always there in front of them
✓Fully customizable to your business so you can even start selling more through TeeSpring, Amazon and sites like Facebook

This is a full Call-To-Action suite and everything you are going to need to make a BIG impact immediately to start finally converting more people into HOT leads and buyers as they browse any websites of your choice!

RocketBar Review – Why Should You Get It Today ?
✓Generate Call To Action bars over ANY content around the web in minutes
✓Generate leads and more sales with this new exciting technology
✓Share your content around Facebook, Twitter or wherever you want around the web with your special Rocket Bar link
✓Easy to use this software will dramatically help you generate more traffic in your business


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