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Tube Sniper Pro +Bonuses [GIVEAWAY]

Tube Sniper Pro +Bonuses 

How would you like to know expose your competitors weaknesses and find profitable niches in 90 seconds or less?

Tube Sniper Pro software allows you to do just that.

You can also track your video rankings and build high PR backlinks from inside my software.

Tube Sniper Pro +Bonuses [GIVEAWAY]

Tube Sniper Pro 3.0 is THE BEST video marketing software to ever hit the market. That is a bold claim but wait till you see the demo. Tube Sniper Pro software allows you to quickly determine the competition of a potential keyword to target for video marketing by displaying the date of upload, views, likes, and backlinks of any video which is currently ranking on the first page of Google.

Tube Sniper Pro 3.0 software which will allow you to quickly determine the competition of a potential keyword by displaying the date of upload, views, likes, and backlinks of any video which is currently ranking on the first page of Google. It’ll also track their videos rankings AND builds High PR backlinks for them.

POWERFUL PC based software that puts high-level market intelligence at your fingertips.
A tool that gives you the much-needed advantage to CRUSH the competition and claim your first page rankings, FAST!

Brand New App Allows You To know How Your Competitors Got Their Videos On Page 1, Lets You Deploy Hundreds Of High PR Backlinks To Beat Them And Rank Your Videos onto page 1 of Google and YouTube

Tube Sniper Pro +Bonuses [GIVEAWAY]

Tube Sniper Pro is a web based App that has all the tools a professional video marketer needs to rank videos in YouTube and on Google. Main features: keyword research/suggestion, keyword tracker, video ranking checker, video creation and backlink creator.

Tube Sniper Pro 3. 0 Pro is a new video marketing technologies that exposes your competitors weaknesses and reveals profitable niches in 90 seconds or much less. And it also automatically tracks your videos rankings and sends High Pagerank Inbound links all from within one main splash.  Tube Sniper Pro is a complete video ranking system in one single application. It will search out top keywords. It will scope out your competition. It will allow you to build hundreds of high PR backlinks. And that means you can pick basically any niche and obtain your video onto page 1, all with this one app. You just follow the process. Video marketing has never been this easy.

You will be able to do all of the following from one central dashboard…

✓ Keyword research
✓ Competition analysis
✓ Track video rankings
✓ Build high quality backlinks

Tube Sniper Pro +Bonuses [GIVEAWAY]

Here’s Exactly What Tube Sniper Pro 3.0 Does For You:

✓Full Built-In Keyword Research Analyzer – This slashes the time you have to spend on competition research by 90%. The way to make serious money with video marketing is to get your videos loaded and ranked FAST.
✓Use Tube Sniper Pro and you’ll never get bogged down analyzing your competition the old slow way.
✓Individual Video Competition Analyzer – This spies on your competitors and tells you EVERY single detail that you’ll need to know to outrank them.
✓Once Tube Sniper Pro shows you the information from the Keyword Research Analyzer, it’ll take you a step further and show you how many Views, Likes, Backlinks, AND Date of Upload for ANY AND ALL of the videos ranking on the first page of Google.
✓Competition Suggestion Feature – If you’re brand new to video marketing you might be having trouble getting the confidence to target a particular keyword. NO PROBLEM!
✓Built in Keyword Suggestion Tool – Ever struggle with finding good keywords to target? This tool generates you dozens of buyer keywords in a matter of seconds!

Tube Sniper Pro 3.0 takes you through the whole process. It'll find keywords. It'll assess the competition. It'll build a load of backlinks and then it'll track your rank. Which means you can manage the whole shebang from one easy dashboard.
OTO1is a training course (Video + PDF formats) that will show you how you can (and should) maximize youe profits using Tube Sniper Pro 3.0.

Tube Sniper Pro +Bonuses [GIVEAWAY]

Access Tube Sniper Pro:

Download Tube Sniper Pro:
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Bonus #1 – Fiverr Outsourcing Rolodex ($17 Value)
How would you like to get access to the same fiverr sellers I use to rank my videos on page 1 of Google as fast as 48 hours?

In this rolodex that’s exactly what you’ll be getting – PROVEN sellers that deliver results. Stop wasting time and money on unreliable fiverr sellers.

Bonus #2 – Zamurai Graphics Pack V1 ($27 value)
How would you like to get access to over 100 graphics that you can use with Explaindio?

These are high-quality graphics that will give your videos that extra edge! You get a package of over 100 images for FREE!

Bonus #3- Zamurai Graphics Pack V2 ($27 value)
TWO graphic packs are better than one, right?

In this bonus you’ll be getting an additional 100 graphics to use with Explaindio. These are all high-quality graphics that will make your videos POP even more!

Bonus #4 – Zamurai CTA Bundle ($27 value)
Last but not least, we have my CTA graphics bundle. These are the same call-to-action graphics that I use to shoot my click-thru rates through the roof.

You’ll be able to easily import them into Explaindio as well.

Bonus #5 – Zamurai 4-step Video Script Blueprint ($27 value)
Do you want to know how to use the Explaindio templates to their fullest potential?

With my 4-step video script blueprint you’ll be getting the exact formula that I use to make professional, high-converting videos that don’t ramble on for more than they have to.

This script will keep you on track and show you EXACTLY what you need to say in every video you ever make. You’ll never NOT know what to say when making videos.

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