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[VIP] Video Auto Click

Unleash the POWER of Video and Facebook to generate $$ Online 
With No Website & No List!

With Video Auto Click you can put and play YouTube videos on Facebook and retarget your viewers. Whether it’s on your timeline, on any fan page you manage or on any Facebook group you are a member of. You can also add a call to action (affiliate) link under the video and it will redirect automatically to any URL you want (f.e. your affiliate link) once the video ends!

Video Auto Click [GIVEAWAY]

Share, Play Redirect and Retarget Your Videos on Facebook

Boost Your Online Income Through Unleashing The Power Of Video & Facebook Without Having any Website & List Building

Finally, Add Call To Action To Your Videos In Facebook & Make Them More Converting..

Video Auto Click [GIVEAWAY]

Video Auto Click WordPress plugin 
This software allows you to place YouTube videos on your Facebook timeline, Fanpage or any facebook group that you are a member. It further, allows you in adding a call to action (Affiliate link or CPA offer) under the video and it will simply redirect your visitor to your affiliate link soon after they finish watching your video. With Video Auto Click you can easily harness the power of both video and Facebook for driving valuable clicks to your affiliate links, CPA offers, blog whatever you are promoting. With this awesome software you don’t need your own website, email list and also don’t need to do SEO or paid ad or any other additional budget to drive consistent supply of red hot buyer traffic.

Upload custom Facebook Image. Optional or it just uses the standard YouTube thumbnail. Note it will be showed as full width image on the Facebook Timeline.

✓Select YouTube Video ID. You can use any YouTube video you want.
✓Redirect to any URL you want after video ends.
✓Video Description. Use any description you want. This is the text just below the video and before the link.
✓Enter Link Text. Hyperlink text to your redirect URL.
✓Enter Button Text. Text button on facebook after video ends.
✓Retargeting. Enter your retargeting pixel code and follow your visitors around the web with your ads.

Top Features & Benefits of Video Auto Click? 

✓ This software allows you to put your YouTube videos on your Facebook timeline or to any Fan Page and Group on Facebook you are marketing or owning. 

✓ With Video Auto Click you can add call to action (affiliate link, CPA link) under the video and it will simply redirect your video traffic straight to your affiliate link once they finishes watching your video. 

✓ You would be getting clicks without need to have any email list and websites of your own. 

✓ This awesome software lets you create Facebook post in just 30 seconds where you can add stunning looking graphics, video code, and redirect Url and optional retargeting code.

✓ This software is fully customizable and easy to use.

✓ This software is best for all kinds of review videos, promo videos, interview videos through which you can lure customers towards your service.

✓ You can put high converting call to action under your video to accelerate your conversions. 

✓ After the video gets over it will get converted into a large call to action button. Clicking on which your visitor will be redirected to your affiliate link.

Explore Your Affiliate Marketing Efforts With Built In Retargeting ..
Well on these days retargeting is the most essential tool that smart marketers are use to boost their sales. It will not only help you in increasing sales but also boost your conversion rate. Video Auto Click allows you in adding your own custom retargeting code like Facebook retargeting etc. So that any person who redirects from your video is automatically added straight to your retargeting campaign. 

Auto Click Conclusion..
Through this software its creator Brett Rutecky will be revealing his secret system to the general public that he created for his own business. So, now you will get to see how Brett has been successful with this software once you start using it on your own. So what you are waiting for?

Video Auto Click [GIVEAWAY]


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