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The Detect-Email search thousands of emails from the Web. This software help you to gain new customers !

Detect Email is an advanced email addresses harvester. It extracts email addresses from the Internet. You can determine any search criteria; it can be a domain name, a keyword or a searching engine. Detect Email’s powerful engine will quickly extract email addresses from the websites and top search engines, like Yahoo, Google. Detect Email will also automatically remove duplicate emails.
Fast, powerful Web emails extractor !

Looking for targeted mailing lists for your business ? 
Detect-Email automatically searches for thousands of emails from the Web.
The email's capture is highly precise and fast!

Manage your Emailing campaigns
Import or create your messages (ads, newsletters, communications ...) using the assistant.
Select your emails list and start your emailing!
Thanks to the tracking of emails, you analyze the impact of your emailing campaigns, requests and unsuscribe.
Export and import your emails lists
Detect-Email provides options for filtering your lists of emails with high relevance.
Sort by geolocation, professional emails or individuals, performance indices... 
The software allows to search for emails on your own hard drive, to import or export your lists from other softwares.
Detect-Email is used to capture emails automatically while surfing the internet! 

[GIVEAWAY] Detect-Email [Contact-Express]

Find targeted emails easily !

Detect-Email is a powerful email search engine.
Choose your key words and the software can do a research with your requirements: it will find thousands of emails. 
Detect-Email also offers completed emailing tool for successful e-marketing campaign with yours Emails lists. 

[GIVEAWAY] Detect-Email [Contact-Express]

Emailing campaigns will become easy !

You can choose your email lists with Detect-Email or find other ones. email marketing software. Compose your message (advertising, newsletter, communication...) and send it with Detect-Email: it takes just three clicks ! Add "links followed" in your email to analyze the impact of your communication.

[GIVEAWAY] Detect-Email [Contact-Express]
Measure the power of your campaigns

Who opened your email ? At what moment ? Get the statistics emails openings on your sites ! Managing unsubscriptions (black lists) is automatic. Your recipients may delete your emailing lists with a single click.

[GIVEAWAY] Detect-Email [Contact-Express]

Extract emails on directories or on your computer

Browse the internet and automatically capture emails with the option "Clic & Go". Detect-Email also allows capturing emails from your own file (hard drives, Excel, CSV or other software).
[GIVEAWAY] Detect-Email [Contact-Express]


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