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[GIVEAWAY] Express Uninstaller

[GIVEAWAY] Express Uninstaller

Express Uninstaller
Clean and thorough uninstall every time

Did you know that the standard Windows add/remove program uninstalls an application but does not find or delete leftover files or registry entries?

Express Uninstaller uninstalls the software and then deep scans your PC to find any unnecessary items the program is leaving behind. Finding and removing these unnecessary items frees up disk space and helps keep your PC clean and optimized.

Try uninstalling programs with Express Uninstaller today. Uninstalling programs is FREE and the deep scan will show you if there are leftover items that could also be removed.


☑ Cleanly uninstall programs ensuring there are no leftover items
☑ Optimize browser speeds by removing annoying toolbars and plugins
☑ Improve startup speeds by managing your startup menu
☑ Keep your PC clean and secure by removing potential privacy risks
☑ Free up disk space by removing unnecessary junk files and registry items

[GIVEAWAY] Express Uninstaller

Features & Benefits

Cleanly uninstalls programs
Junk items left behind by programs you no longer use can build up over time taking up valuable disk space and clogging your Windows registry. Express Uninstaller keeps your PC clean and optimized by automatically tracking down and removing leftover files, folders and registry entries every time you uninstall a program.

Faster start up and shutdown speeds
A lot of programs you install like to embed themselves in your start up menu which eventually slows down the time it takes your computer to start up and shut down. With Express Uninstaller you can remove programs from your start up menu with just one click. Removing just a few programs can result in dramatically faster start up and shut down times.

Remove toolbars and plugins
Fed up with annoying toolbars and plugins slowing down your browser? Express Uninstaller V3.0 now removes toolbars and plugins with just one click.

Keep your PC clean and secure by removing junk files and potential privacy risks
Express Uninstaller includes a clean-up scan which checks your PC for unnecessary registry items, potential privacy issues and unnecessary junk files. Removing these unnecessary items keeps your PC clean and frees up valuable disk space.

Easy to use
Our goal is always to design simple easy to use solutions. With Express Uninstaller even the most novice computer users will be able to fully remove unwanted applications and all leftover files and junk items. Our user friendly design and big buttons make Express Uninstaller very simple and easy to use.

[GIVEAWAY] Express Uninstaller

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