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[VIP] ShockSpots [Ad Innovation - The One and Only Curiosity Driven Ad Builder] [+BONUSES]

[GIVEAWAY] ShockSpots [Ad Innovation - The One and Only Curiosity Driven Ad Builder] [+BONUSES]
3-5x CTRs and Income from existing content and traffic with 1 piece of code…

New Simple Software Gets You 5x The Clicks, Conversions & Revenue With Push-Button Revolutionary Curiosity Driven Ads Technology Without Additional Work, Additional Traffic Or Additional Cost?!

Shock Spots is a WordPress plugin that can make your websites more profitable by dropping a simple shortcode.

There is no need to redesign your website or even add more content because Shock Spots works with existing content turning it into increased traffic and revenue.

This plugin was built to change the way our visitors naturally ignore website ads. This is known as “ad blindness”.

So what if you could actually do something to make ads work as intended without spending more than a meal at the diner?

[GIVEAWAY] ShockSpots [Ad Innovation - The One and Only Curiosity Driven Ad Builder] [+BONUSES]

Product Features:

- Works with all WordPress websites.With Shock Spots, you're always just a couple clicks away from multiplying your revenue and generating a lot more money with your videos & websites. Revenue-

Shock Spots changes the way traditional banners are used
- With Shock Spots, your ads look natural (Native) but unusual.Your visitor considers them part of the experience & curiosity makes them impossible to ignore.

- Everybody has Adblock or some other extension which stops ads from being displayed.While that's OK - it's HURTING your revenue and killing your business. Shock Spots technology bypasses this altogether and delivers the ads straight to your visitor.

- if you hate having to set up banners and even use HTML but still end up with everything looking spammy or out of place - you've come to the right place. Shock Spots is ridiculously easy to set up and even better yet, it's all set-and-forget.

☑ Designed by Internet Marketers for Internet Marketers:
- With hundreds of thousands of dollars generated from affiliate income the creators of shock spots know what works and what doesn't and we've put it all inside Shock Spots, so you're guaranteed to finally see your website and videos generate that life-changing income.

- With SO many tools out there helping you create amazing content (from videos to articles, keyword research, webinars and more) there's just one piece of the puzzle left for you to have a rock-solid business.
- BUT - it's the most important: MONETIZATION. Shock Spots takes care of it for you so you're good to go
- This amazing software will work on ANY interface, PC, Mac, Mobile etc. allowing you to tap into the ever-increasing mobile traffic and get the lion's share of the profits.

[GIVEAWAY] ShockSpots [Ad Innovation - The One and Only Curiosity Driven Ad Builder] [+BONUSES]

What Makes Shock Spots A Powerful Ad Builder?

The creators of Shock Spots have Borrowed This from the Biggest & Richest Websites in the world. 

This revolutionary software employs the most advanced optimization and revenue-generation secret in current practice, they know because they borrowed the concept from some the biggest most profitable websites in the world.

It’s Easy… It’s as easy to use as choosing images & text for your ad-set and adding your affiliate link, all in the most seamlessly intuitive and responsive possible way.

Who is Shock Spots Aimed At?

☑ Any Internet Marketer, regardless of the niche, who wants to make more money with the same traffic.
☑ Anyone who values their business and wants it to generate the revenue it deserves.
☑ Affiliate marketers & SEO marketers who want to generate 5x their usual revenue without paying extra for traffic, content, backlinks, etc.
☑ Video marketers who are looking for a FRESH way to monetize their videos without looking spammy to their audiences.
☑ People with products that they want to make more sales from.
☑ People who are already successful with affiliate marketing and want to improve conversion rates and revenue with the push of a button.
☑ Content marketers in any niche who want to turn their content or videos into 1 click passive set-n-forget income.
☑ People who are getting started with affiliate marketing and want the best solution.
☑ Anyone & Everyone who owns a website and wants to make More Money without additional Cost, Work or Traffic.

Shock Spots is a simple but highly effective plugin based on the Native ad principle… which addresses a growing problem for online marketers. It increases clicks and profits without changing your website or increasing your traffic. Drop 1 tiny piece of Shortcode into any popular post or page and watch the clicks and profits sky-rocket. One click: code drop becomes a must click ad for visitors. The perfect tool [Plugin] for anyone, in any niche. Drop the dynamic code under videos, inside content, under articles… anywhere you like.

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