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[GIVEAWAY] MemberPal Pro [Membership Site In Just 60 Seconds]

[GIVEAWAY] MemberPal Pro [Membership Site In Just 60 Seconds]
Member Pal sets up a fully functional member site in 60 seconds with a protected download area that only lets verified PayPal customers access your content. Customers no longer need to remember passwords to access content they've purchased because Member Pal fully integrates with PayPal.

Member Pal is a wordpress plugin that helps you to make your wordpress website into a membership website. Membership plugin wordpress is fully integrated with paypal, paypal verified account only has access to your content. You can do the protection of your content, be it a page, article, video and even certain categories. Memberpal very easy to use you just have to install and some settings, as well as the plugin memberpal integrates with many autoresponder, sake that you don’t just make a regular membership sites but also with the memberpal you can do email marketing campaign. Not only is it just memberpal even integrates with a wide range of marketplace for example jvzoo, warriorplu, and the paypal button.

[GIVEAWAY] MemberPal Pro [Membership Site In Just 60 Seconds]

Here is a list of features for MemberPal:

✓ WP plugin creates full members website in under 60 s from brand new installation.
✓ Fully integrates with your Paypal account, only lets paypal verified customers access your protected content.
✓ You can easily protect any kind of content you want… posts, pages, videos, even whole categories.
✓ Super easy intergation with all major AutoResponders.
✓ No setting up membership levels, no difficult configuration, the easiest membership plugin you have ever seen.
✓ Just hook Member Pal up to your paypal account, then Member Pal does everything else for you!
✓ Works with Warriorplus, Jvzoo, Paypal Pay Buttons… use any payment processor you want.

[GIVEAWAY] MemberPal Pro [Membership Site In Just 60 Seconds]

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