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[GIVEAWAY] Creative Post Lion [Powerful Classified Ad Posting Software] [+BONUS]

[GIVEAWAY] Creative Post Lion [Powerful Classified Ad Posting Software]
Creative Post Lion – Powerful Classified Ad Posting Software

Creative Post Lion is a new classified ad posting software which is so powerful.

With Creative Post Lion, you would learn how to post hundreds of Ads to TOP classifieds on autopilot with the ONLY automatic ad posting software that actually works.

✓ Uncover the money-making power of online classifieds and start getting fresh leads today.
✓ Make money without working. Creative Post Lion works automatically, posting ads in seconds.
✓ You will neer get ghosted with Creative Post Lion‘s unique built-in parameters that prevent software from hiding your ads.
✓ Ads done for you that eliminate the time it takes to write, post, and develop your ads (or you can use your own ads).

Creative Post Lion features below!

✓ Automatic Gmail account creation – Auto sign up for email accounts!
✓ Brand new management system – Manage all ads in 1 place!
✓ Article spinning system – Your ads make them sound more unique!
✓ New schedule system – Autopilot schedule system make it easy to post
✓ Auto confirm listings – Auto confirm listing on auto!
✓ Auto classified site registration – Register 1000’s pf classifieds on auto!
✓ Creative Post Lion design system – Design your ad rite on the spot!
✓ Email system/ Bulk mailings – Bulk email rite from the software in bulk!
✓ Top classified sites ready added – No need to research the word is already done!
✓ Auto renew listings – Autoo renew using listing on autolipot!
✓ Business email leads scaper – Scrape lead information from ads and more on auto!
✓ Flverr intergration – Outsource it all for $5! Rite from our software!
✓ Classified ad parser – Parse anything you demand and export via CSV!
✓ New listing notifications – when a lead makes a post you will be notified first.
✓ Auto reply to listings – All on autopilot! Just choose a topic and go!
✓ Google maps api – Birds eye view on yours prospects!
✓ GalleryParser – Parse information from galleries in BULK!
✓ Classified Print options – Print and direct mail your prospects.

[GIVEAWAY] Creative Post Lion [Powerful Classified Ad Posting Software]

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  1. Hi,
    Nice description about how to post a free classified ad.Thanks for sharing.Here is other website which allows to post a free ad in multiple cities. NO 1 online market place


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