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[GIVEAWAY] Instant Video Site Creator [Instant Niche Video Sites]

[GIVEAWAY] Instant Video Site Creator [Instant Niche Video Sites]

Instant video site creator is a premium Word Press plugin that allows you to create video sites almost in an instant. It literally creates video websites in less than a minute.

It is not available in the Word Press repository because the creator want to control the number of people who buy the plugin to ensure optimum support for clients.

You don’t need to touch any code, programming experience and is 100% newbie friendly. Although, l would not recommend the use this plugin if you haven’t learned the ropes of website creation and Search Engine Optimization.

How Instant Video Site Creator Works.

If you can type, point and click you can create unlimited number of video websites in a few minutes. The Instant Video Site Creator extracts the Video’s headline and places it under the H1 Tag for SEO purposes.

Content is also scrapped from the You Tube video script (You Tube’s transcribed video text) or text entered in the video description. l recommend using the video script text to avoid the content being flagged as duplicate content.

You can also use a free plagiarism checker to find out if there is any duplicated content in the transcribed text. Use, your own intuition to set percentages which Google may flag as duplicate content.

Video script text needs some cleaning up because You Tube’s automatic video transcription is not 100% perfect. You can also SEO optimize the content by adding ‘H2 and H3’ Tags further increasing the potential of your video website to rank well in the search engines. It is important to note that the plugin was NOT created for SEO purposes and will not in any way guarantee website rankings.

Instant Video Site Features:

☑ Create a full site with hundreds of posts in 60 seconds
☑ Unlimited text / video content in any niche
☑ Automatically make specific words in the post your affiliate / buy link
☑ Add CTA pop up images to your pages
☑ Give Google what it needs to rank you, content!
☑ Easy to use no technical skill required

With Instant Video Site anyone can create full blown niche site with hundreds of pages of SEO optimized video and text content in as little as 60 seconds. In fact its as easy as A-B-C.

[GIVEAWAY] Instant Video Site Creator [Instant Niche Video Sites]


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