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CPA Wealth Academy

In the last few weeks, people online have been raving about a brand new CPA(Cost Per Action) affiliate marketing course that is helping men and women online take over emerging niches using free traffic methods to become successful affiliates and dominate their niches in the shortest time possible!

In CPA Wealth Academy with Alex Gould, you get a birds eye view of how you set up your website and become an authority in that niche fast by combining keyword research with new and emerging niches. The unusual keyword research methods Alex teaches uses nothing more than the Google Keyword Planner, which is nice to know!

We know that so many people that get started in affiliate marketing end up joining numerous affiliate marketing courses that all end up saying the same thing. At Honest Affiliate Income we’ve reviewed many of these courses, and they all have the same message; “Join Clickbank”, “Use these keywords with buyer intent” and “promote this product” that unfortunately is already sewn up by other well-established sites on page 1. The newbies often get frustrated, discouraged, and many give up. 

What's In The Training?

CPA Wealth Academy is broken down into nine different sections where Alex lays out everything he does that’s enabled him to quit his day job a few years ago selling door to door insurance and make a great living online as an authority in many different niches.

The beauty of this training is as Alex will tell you, his strategies have worked in every niche he’s gone after whether it’s his keyword research tactics, YouTube videos or his landing page templates they all work!

Section 1: What is Affiliate Marketing Exactly?

In this opening section, Alex introduces himself for the first time and gives us his background in affiliate marketing, how he got started and what it’s done for him. You can see the sincerity straight away, he’s a regular guy who decided to change his life by making it online, and that’s exactly what he did.

Like a lot of other courses he also gives people an intro on affiliate marketing, what it is and what’s involved. As Alex says most people already know this but not everyone who gets the course will so it’s in there for that.

Section 2: Getting your mind Right

I liked this section a lot. Alex talks about the mindset of most beginners when doing affiliate marketing for the first time. He challenged a few beliefs of my own but his results speak for themselves.

Section 3: Keyword Research 101

Here we take a deeper look at how keyword research has traditionally been taught. Alex discusses why this is incorrect, shows you the problems of following the crowd and the importance of looking at things a little differently.

We also get the first look at establishing a keyword pattern for the first time and why understanding patterns and how to work them will give you a fast and precise way to building a traffic generation website!

Section 4: Over The Shoulder Keyword Series

Alex gets quite animated here as he looks for more keyword patterns in many different niches. You can see how easy it is to find untapped niches here , there is almost no competition on Google’s page 1 for these untapped niches and it’s mind blowing what is ranking on page 1 and how easy it is to outrank a lot of the competition here!

Section 5: Open and Easy Niches are Everywhere

In this section Alex through the process of how his mind is conditioned to find new and emerging niches every day. They are all around us, the money is everywhere, and it’s just a matter of getting in front of the traffic.

Section 6: Website Structure and Monetization

The information in this section is unbelievable. Anyone of the monetization strategies here is worth the price of the course on its own. You never stop learning, and I learned a load of great tactics here that I look forward to using myself.

Section 7: Niche Domination and Traffic Secrets

In this section, Alex lays out a plan for traffic generation off your website and how to build up your authority.

With all of these different properties building up and linking them to your site you build high authority and have a bigger grip on your niche than you would if you only wrote content for your site and nothing.

I used one of Alex’s strategies here when using YouTube video to get more traffic to a post of mine and not only has it sent more traffic to that post, but the video has ranked higher than the actual post on page 1 in Google, so I’m a believer!

Section 8: Live Webinar Action-Killer Content

In this section, Alex does more over the shoulder niche research nailing down and proving that his teachings and methods constantly work all the time. Even with what I just said this section is more about hitting home in your mind what to find a new and emerging niche through the repetition of these tactics.

Section 9: Q and A Webinars

This section is where all CPA Wealth Academy members get to ask their most pressing questions about any problems they have when getting started on their niches.

So far there has been one that was fantastic but Alex will have many more on the way.

CPA Wealth Academy

Will This Work For You?

If you’re feeling skeptical, you’re not alone. When I first heard about Alex Gould’s CPA Wealth Academy I had my doubts especially since the majority of make money online programs are scams.

It was time for Honest Affiliate Income to put CPA Wealth Academy to the test to find out if there was merit in what Alex teaches.

I wanted to use a single strategy that could move one of my current posts up the ranks in Google, so I incorporated one of Alex’s YouTube strategies. I knew a lot of the others worked too, but I wanted something fast and effective!

What Is Affiliate Marketing Exactly?

☑ Hello and Welcome! Now watch this video please
☑ Overview Of Affiliate Marketing

Getting Your Mind Right

☑ Correcting Your Mindset, A Different Look Into Affiliate Marketing

Keyword Research 101

☑ Intro To Keyword Research Theory
☑ What Makes A Keyword “Easy”
☑ Intro To Evergreen Niches + Judging 1st Page Comp
☑ Noopept Ex. Continued + Evergreen Theory Cont. + Pattern Finding
☑ Keyword Patterns 101

Over The Shoulder KW Research Series

☑ OTS KW Research- “DNA Testing”
☑ OTS AtoZ Keyword and Pattern Building
☑ OTS KW Research- “Stun Gun Flashlights”
☑ Watch me fumble around for about 9 minutes and then stumble into a …
☑ OTS KW Research- “Honeymoon”

Emerging Niches and Keyword Pattern Theory Continued

☑ Emerging Niches 101 + OTS Example

Open and Easy Niches Are Everywhere

☑ Hiding In Plain Sight Niche Ex.1
☑ Hiding In Plain Sight Niche Ex. 2
☑ Hiding In Plain Sight Niche Ex. 3
☑ Hiding In Plain Sight Niche Ex.4

Website Structure And Monetization

☑ Site Structure and Monetization Intro
☑ Linking To Your Presell Page
☑ Presell Pages That Work For Just About Everything
☑ Structuring Titles and Urls To Target KWs
☑ Content Creation 101
☑ Email List Hacks 101

Niche Domination And Traffic Secrets

☑ Niche Domination and Traffic Secrets 101
☑ Niche Case Study Site Reveal-**************.com
☑ Traffic Hacks- YouTube-ism

Live Webinar Action-Killer Content

☑ Live Webinar Training- OTS Keyword Research
☑ Webinar Niche Continued- More OTS KW Research!
☑ OTS Harp Loans and Emaze With Mike Long from OMG Machines
☑ Webinar Gold- “Fupa” Niche Instant Rankings

Webinar Replays

☑ Q and A Webby #1 Replay May 19th
☑ Q and A Webby 2

CPA Wealth Academy


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