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[FREE] LetSocify [Autoresponder For Facebook Notifications]

LetSocify [Autoresponder For Facebook Notifications]
The AutoResponder For Facebook Notifications!Grab FB Profiles with ONE Click & send Facebook Notifications on auto-response...

Get REAL email addresses ethically with a single click!

Secret Facebook Technology Reveals:
Up To 90% Message Open Rates!

Breakthrough Facebook notification messaging revolutionizes Facebook marketing!

Engaging Users On FB Is HOT!

Based on, the world’s largest social network continues to grow. According to its latest earnings release, Facebook currently has 1.78 billion monthly active users. That is nearly one quarter of the world population and roughly 50 percent of all internet users across the globe and the proportion of Facebook’s users who log on every single day. However, the bigger Facebook gets, the harder it is to connect with prospects. Users see so many ads they simply skim passed them. Even if you’re running multiple campaigns and aggressively retargeting ads - You Are Left With LOW to NO Results.

Get In Front Of Facebook Users Guaranteed!

What if there was a way to get in front Facebook users, every time they open their Facebook account on their desktop? Forget about low open rates, and expensive retargeting campaigns, LetSocify will CRUSH your retargeting results, INCREASE your email list, and BOOST your sales instantly!

Why Do You Need To Leverage Facebook Notifications?

☑ High Click Through Rate! (CTR) Up to 90% open rates & up to 50% click rates!
☑ Up to 400% more engagement and clicks than page posts and email!
☑ Obtain your customers BEST (Facebook linked) email address with ONE-Click!
☑ Notifications sent straight Into Facebook! It lights the notifications globe on Facebook instantly!
☑ Personalize your messaging by including your customer’s details in your message!
☑ Full set of our emoticons to share relevant emotions with your audience!
☑ NO SPAM BOX! You won’t lose any messages to SPAM again!
☑ Let visitors return to ANY URL you specify with 1 click on your Facebook notification message!
☑ Re-target Subscribers WITHOUT ANY Ad Costs!

Learn What Great Features Are Included!

How It Works!

As Simple As 1, 2, 3!

Grab Facebook profiles with ONE CLICK!

When the users log into Facebook, the their Facebook profile information is shared with you in your cloud based app through LetSocify, including their Facebook linked email address.  You can easily re-target your users with Facebook notifications AND email marketing.  You also get their name, gender, location, operating system, browser platform, and IP address!

Walk Through The SIMPLE Setup Process!

Easily follow the 3 step approach to get your system setup to rock and roll! With this easy setup process you are quickly set to re-target your users on Facebook!

Quickly Configure The Best Opt-in For Your Site!

Choose your own on-boarding text to get your subscriber with the click of a button. Use the SIDE SCROLL or BOTTOM SCROLL Opt-in, or choose a button to place anywhere on your site!

Setup CLICKABLE Personalized Messages!

Personalize your messages with the users' name and your emoticons! Insert any URL to direct your user to your site, and choose the right moment to send your message using our adaptive scheduling feature. Select any segment or filter you have created to laser target your prospects, and click send! Or, save your draft for later...

Leave Nothing To Chance When Sending Messages!

For optimal message performance, A/B Testing is an essential tool to find out what converts best. Change your title, message or emotions and see what sticks and clicks and what doesn't! You can even use different filters, for example Men vs. Women, to see who wins the battle of the sexes. Determine who gets most of your attention with a simple swipe!

Laser Target Messages By Applying Filters/Segments!

Create custom filters to target users based on geography, category, platform, browser and/or gender. Use our segmenting feature to target only those users who signed up for a specific segment of your list!

Automate Your Messaging By Hooking Up Your RSS Feed!

Simply automate your messaging by pasting your RSS Feed into LetSocify!  Everytime you post on your blog or site, a message will be sent to users that you pre-select with filters and segments. Use our expiration feature for setting expiration times in days, hours, or minutes!

Send A Sequence Of Messages Based On Clicks!

This Set & Forget Sequencing System is the jewel of the application. You just setup a sequence of messages that will go out based on your timing parameters and based on whether your user has clicked, a next message will be sent. This is PURE GOLD for you Funnel Lovers!

Treasure Your List & Connect To Your Autoresponder

The Money is in the List! Review your users and check out their Facebook profiles to discover their interests, behaviors, and much more. By connecting your favorite autoresponder, you secure your list.  You can then re-target them through email in combination with notification messages!

Know your numbers with detailed reports!

Get detailed reports on both your subscribers & messages. Check your click rate and know which settings work the best for you. Know the best time to push updates to your audience. Download all reports in CSV or PDF format and get weekly reports by email.

Know Your Customers!

Getting to know your customers is easier than ever with LetSocify!  With a simple click you get their details including their name, email address, gender, date opted-in, category, country, city, platform, and a clickable button that takes you DIRECTLY to their Facebook profile so you can learn even more about their personality, likes, and behavior, based on their Facebook posts.

LetSocify [Autoresponder For Facebook Notifications]


  1. This app just free the account free?

  2. With your LetReach Free Account, you get:

    ☑ to send unlimited notifications to upto 2000 subscribers
    ☑ support for both your desktop & mobile website
    ☑ real time tracking & analysis of your notifications
    ☑ automated updates
    ☑ real support from real people
    ☑ ...and much more!

  3. how to use this software please help me. ( I see the all videos in the link. But I don't know how to use)
    Is it free or I need to buy.
    please help me admin.

  4. This one is FREE and this are the limits:

    With your LetReach Free Account, you get:

    ☑ to send unlimited notifications to upto 2000 subscribers
    ☑ support for both your desktop & mobile website
    ☑ real time tracking & analysis of your notifications
    ☑ automated updates
    ☑ real support from real people
    ☑ ...and much more!


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