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New Cutting Edge Technology Lets You Use The Power Of Video Galleries To Build Massive Leads, Drive More Traffic & More Sales In Just 3 Steps?!

VideoHub is a web based application for displaying your (YouTube, Vimeo and S3 hosted) videos in a video gallery. Choose from 20+ beautiful gallery templates. Comes with built in customizable video player and highly effective monetization options as lead capture and CTA buttons. Show your video galleries on different places like your website/blog, Fanpage or hosted page by VideoHub.


What is VideoHub?

VideoHub is a web based software tool to create beautiful video galleries with videos pulled from either YouTube, Vimeo or Amazon S3.

The videos are shown in a preset and customizable gallery template. You can choose out of 20+ highly engaging templates (themes). Some with sliders or featured videos.

The videos are played by a built in video player. This player is fully customizable and you can select your favorite settings (like colors, controls and more).

In your dashboard, you can drag and drop your videos into categories and change the order. A gallery contains just those videos in one category.

There are 4 ways to select your video. Use the YouTube embed code. Add your Amazon S3 video URL. Or select videos on YouTube or Vimeo by searching for:

☑ Keyword
☑ Username
☑ Channel
☑ Playlist
☑ Most popular
☑ Related videos.

Just select how many results you want. And select if you want to automatically update your galleries with new videos if these are added to YouTube.

All your videos can be monetized by showing an time triggered option form below the video.

(Note: if you buy the PRO version you can also add CTA buttons and annotations inside the video. And you can set your monetization options per video, category or default (general settings). Hence, you don’t have to set them up individually for every video.)

If you’re ready with your gallery then you can publish your video gallery either on:

☑ a Page hosted by Videohub.
☑ your Facebook Fanpage.
☑ your WordPress blog.
☑ your own HTML page.

And the best part, if you already published your gallery, you never have to change or upload that page again. All (video or monetization) changes that you make in your dashboard will be automatically adjusted on your pages.


To summarize the whole process into 3 steps:

Step 1: Choose your Template
Step 2: Create your Playlist
Step 3: Publish your Video Gallery
Step 4. (Optional) Make changes in your dashboard by adding new videos or changing the monetization settings.

VideoHub has these other features…

☑ Web based software. You don’t have to install anything and can access your dashboard from any device.
☑ Easy Dashboard interface. Drag & Drop simple.
☑ Full Autoresponder Integration and Lead Capture. The software keeps record about all your subscribers for easy export.
☑ Automatically pull in new videos. Once your selection video search criteria have been set, all new videos will automatically added to your gallery.
☑ Convert your videos into 3 formats: mp4, ogg and webm.
☑ Fully Mobile Responsive.
☑ Basic Stats and Tracking.

Instantly Create UNLIMITED & 10X MORE Profitable Video Campaigns. Generate 500% MORE Leads & Get Access to Our Best Converting Templates + A Commercial License!

With VideoHub, you can convert videos to 3 different formats, load the galleries on Facebook, or your own website with very minimal time ... It's just that amazing!


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