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[VIP] Video Jeet [Create traffic pulling automated video blogs]

Video Jeet [Create traffic pulling automated video blogs]

The Traffic Holy Grail Sends You Free Traffic Forever!
Make Google Send You Traffic For Any Niche Without Writing A Single Word of Content
Get Unlimited REAL VISITORS on Autopilot With This Powerful Software

Video Jeet 
Automate content driven video blogs

A revolutionary auto blogging and video curation software that helps you curate video blogs on Wordpress or Blogger. Drives free organic traffic and designs for you a money making vedio blog.

☑ No need to buy hosting or domain name. Invest 0 on these blogs!
☑ Automated traffic for any niche. Just pick the initial keywords.
☑ Self updating video blogs get you fresh content and fresh traffic forever.
☑ Gets you traffic from social media through public posts with automatic hashtags.
☑ True push-button solution. Set it up, click it once and forget it. No need to use every day.
☑ 100% organic traffic from search engines. High quality and highly relevant to your niche.
☑ One-time setup, and then runs forever on automatic.
☑ Desktop software runs on your PC or windows VPS, no hassle of IP purchase or loss of control.
☑ Easy to use and setup even for newbies. Nothing to master or work on every day.

Get fresh content for your existing video blog or curate trending content from the top video blogs on Wordpress or Blogger.This 100% automated tool is fully customizable. Search manually or opt for auto search for constantly updates video blogs that helps you create bigger social media presence.

☑ Optimal research tool that sources fresh content and curates video blog content for your YouTube channel. 
☑ Creates multiple earning avenues. 
☑ Earn through adsense, affiliate offers or redirect traffic to your money making sites.
☑ Creates backlinks on other blogger's pages redirecting more viewers to your websites.
☑ Connects to your FB, Twitter accounts boosting subscriptions. 
☑ Pings search engines that pick up articles and keep you high in ranking.

1. Seamless integration with Blogger and Wordpress blogs.
2. Sources videos automatically from YouTube against the selected keywords.
3. Allows you to modify title, text, tags and content as per your requirements.
4. Posts directly to your blog.
5. Creates a twitter following for you by tweeting post updates on your twitter account.
6. Schedule your posts or set the frequency to create a time gap between your posts. (15 minutes to 5 hours gap between posts).

Video Jeet [Create traffic pulling automated video blogs]

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