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[VIP] WP Contentio Pro [Rank high in Google with SEO-Optimized Content]

WP Contentio Pro [Rank high in Google with SEO-Optimized Content]
WP Contentio is a 3-Step Tool that Generates High Authority and Google-Friendly Content to The Website and Creates Leads, Online Courses, Blog Post for Free
WP Contentio is a traffic generating tool, which generates Goggle-Friendly and a powerful content to your website in just 3 simple steps in less than a minute. This Contontio Plugin changes the way that you create your content. Since you can find several thousands of services on the market that offers curate content, but WP Contontio is like you will create the content.

WP Contentio can help your webpage rank high in Google with Optimized SEO content and help you create leads, online courses, and blog posts for totally free. 

This plugin offers:

☑ WP compatible solutions
☑ One click setup, no need of any experience
☑ Get high-quality content to the website
☑ Creates unique content with inbuilt spinner

WP Contentio 3-step process includes:

☑ Source: Get high-quality content for your YouTube Videos.
☑ Spin: Spin the content for exclusive, variations.
☑ Syndicate: Post the content and spin around the web.

The WP Contentio Plugin will change the way of your content creation. It helps you make the subtitles for your YouTube videos and helps you convert them into a blog post. This tool can help you spin the content several times, but still provides 100 percent readable content, unlike other services.

YouTube offers an outstanding opportunity with its CC (Closed Caption) system that makes the content creators to get the high quality content. But, there is a problem to get higher-quality content, including.

☑ Finding good and authority content is not easy
☑ Converting closed captions to the content is not simple
☑ If the content is not unique, then you can lose the traffic

But with WP Contentio Plugin you can immediately create posts with YouTube Videos. It allows you to hyperlink any keyword with any type of all through the blog and you can add an individual text call to the post.

WP Contentio PRO: Wp Contnetio plugin automatically creates the content and publishes it on your blog. This Pro feature in WP Contentio does the same, it defines some keywords and the plugin will instantly and automatically create and publish posts before you define the time.  The users can automatically publish posts and it allows the user to include the buffer automatically

Contentio Plugin contains quick convert tool, which converts your YouTube video into your blog post in less than 60seconds.  It has a keyword linking tool, which links the specific keyword throughout the blog. The quick information tool gives you the word count details preview time, which helps you find if the blog is too long or too short to read for your viewers.

WP Contentio is a new WP Plugin that created by Neil Napier. It will helps you create 100% unique content by convert all subtitle of the YouTube videos into a blog post, not just that, the generated content is 100% easily readable, unlike most of the other services.

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