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[VIP] Vote Stream [FB Live Video Voting App]

VoteStream [FB Live Video Voting App]
We’ve cracked it: How To Run Live Reaction Campaigns
Inside Facebook LIVE Video Feeds.
Brand new technology, AMAZING results. Get in before the masses!

The 1st FB Live Video Voting app to hit the marketYour customers will love this amazing brand new technology. The results are off the charts, the app is easy to use and there is nothing else like this on the market.

So what is VoteStream?
To put it simply, VoteStream is the first app of it's kind that lets you run live social voting contests, connected to facebooks reaction buttons, inside FB live videos.

These campaigns were previously only possible in 1 very expensive subscription app or via custom coded scripts...but we cracked the code, built a platform and have put this in the cloud, ready for you to use and sell to clients.

What does it do?
Votes and Polls on Facebook aren't new...

...but doing it in real time in a video is!

You publish a campaign in VoteStream then follow the steps to go live in Facebook. Users visit your video and vote with Facebooks reaction buttons to match up with their choice on screen.

This viral action gets blasted out across Facebook to their friends, in newsfeeds and everywhere else this activity shows up. VoteStream captures the action and updates the count live on screen.

VoteStream is my brand new FB Live video voting app.

This is brand new technology, nothing like it exists and before today if you wanted to do something similar, you would need to be a) a developer or b) work out how it's done and build your own app.

With Vote Stream you can create UNLIMITED campaigns that will explode engagement, get you more fans and let you create huge fan pages in record time.

It doesn’t matter what niche you are in, Vote Stream can handle it and generate campaigns that will produce the results you need. These are some examples we created for different markets in a few minutes inside VoteStream



  1. Este site era muito bom. Agora, funciona como o Traficante de Drogas. Dá as primeiras doses e quando o "cliente" precisar de mais, tem que comprar...

    Que coisa feia. Isso é totalmente imoral

    This site was very good. Now it works as the Drug Dealer. It gives the first doses and when the "client" needs more, has to buy ...

    How ugly. This is totally immoral.

    They only offer free, junk software, junk, that are useless. What can be useful? Just shopping, my friend ...

    Antonio Roque
    São Paulo - Brasil

  2. Antonio Roque, this is your personal opinion...I think that you are very for us and for you the best solution not visit our junk we will be happy +you too...have a nice day!

  3. Always so interesting to visit your site.What a great info, thank you for sharing. this will help me so much in my learning State of Origin 2020live streaming


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