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[VIP] AmaSuite 5 [Uncovers The Products & Keywords That Will Make You Money On Amazon]

[VIP] AmaSuite 5 [Uncovers The Products & Keywords That Will Make You Money On Amazon]

AmaSuite 5 is a total Amazon Research and Training package deal. You’ll get all the necessary apps to explore niches and products, find the best product to promote or sell as your own, find the best places to source your products via AliExpress and all information (as reviews/feedback) you’ll need to create and sell your own products under private label or as dropshipping product. And you won’t get just the apps, you also get all the video training you’ll need to become either a successful Amazon associate or product seller.

Amasuite 5 is a brand new product and keyword researching app that allows you to find and analyze the best-selling products on Amazon. Moreover, it also lets you find, analyze and generate the buyer-intent keywords which have high search volume and low competition.

You see, Amasuite 5 can do two hardest works for you and you will be no longer tired of finding the profitable products and easy-to-rank keywords in hours, days and even weeks.

This tool has four main features including Top Product Analyzer, Search Analyzer, Keyword Generator and Review Analyzer.

[VIP] AmaSuite 5 [Uncovers The Products & Keywords That Will Make You Money On Amazon]

Firstly, Top Product Analyzer

With this feature, you can easily find the top selling products which will make you more sales. However, this is quite difficult for newbies because the number of products in each niche is very big and if they have to find these by hand, it can take their hours to choose the best-selling products.

It also helps you analyze top selling products in every category (over 67,200 categories) by using the blazing fast filter technology along with the customizable opportunity score feature.

You can see the exact data within Best Sellers, Hot New Releases, Top Rated, Most Gifted, Movers & Shakers and Most Wished For. Especially, when you search the products in a category, you will see the sales prices, rating, reviews, etc. inside each product. This will help you extract the top selling products.

After searching the high profitable products basing on the different criteria, you can export the data to full HTML reports containing your affiliate link which you can sell.

Secondly, Search Analyzer

You can find and analyze more products on Amazon. It allows you to look beyond the top 100 and uncover more hidden gems.

Moreover, you can find the products with huge discounts to sell and with this interesting feature, you never have to worry about missing the hot products in the discount time (you know, the profit can be increase up 10x in the sale off season.

Furthermore, you can get the product history in several months to know whether that product sells well or not.
Another plus, it is very easy to use for newbie because the layout is quite simple. Although you are not any of technical buff, you can still use it quickly and easily.

Thirdly, Keyword Generator

With this feature, you will find the buyer-intent keywords for each product on Amazon which you choose to sell. It will analyze and suggest the HOT keywords with ranking score or search volume; then you will choose the best keywords which have high search volume and low competition.

Lastly, Review Analyzer

This powerful feature helps you uncover the BEST product ideas to private label as an Amazon seller. Indeed, it not only saves your time to scour through thousands of reviews looking for the hidden gold, but also extracts reviews based on the specific star rating, most positive, or even most critical.
In addition, this also helps you improve your word combination results using the built-in “stop words” list and dramatically reduces the “useless” word combinations that really don’t mean anything.
[VIP] AmaSuite 5 [Uncovers The Products & Keywords That Will Make You Money On Amazon]



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