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[GIVEAWAY] Hijackrr [Viral Traffic, Leads, And Sales]

[GIVEAWAY] Hijackrr [Viral Traffic, Leads, And Sales]
Hijack Your Way To Profit With This ‘Point And Click’ Software ThatGets You Viral Traffic, Leads, And Sales 100% FREE

Hijackrr is a brand new state of the art software that allows you to hijack any website in the world and build your own money making machines that convert due to the high level of trust the visitor has for the authority website you initially send them to.

Hijackrr combines tricks and tactics that force visitors to interact, opt-in and stay longer on your sites. This enables you to drive visitors to where you want them to be, build emails lists with ease and make commission and sales on auto pilot.

Simple Three Step Process Gets You Customers & Sales In Minutes

How It Works:

STEP 1: Install The Hijackrr Plug-In
STEP 2: Create A Campaign In Just Minutes
STEP 3: Hijack Authority From ANY Website And Get Viral Traffic And Sales


✓ Create webpages using existing authority (or any) content
✓ Overlay timed or user behavior (exit) driven pop ups (Keep people on the site)
✓ Create user behavior redirection. (Redirect people to another offer or site)
✓ Pop ups can be text,
✓ Pop ups can provide information, redirection, require social media interaction or email opt-in
✓ Lock websites and content until prospect has interacted
✓ Replace all links on an authority page to your own link (affiliates link)

[GIVEAWAY] Hijackrr [Viral Traffic, Leads, And Sales]

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  1. hello, thank you.
    this hijackrr plugin did not work on wordpress site. pls i need solution. rely


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