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[VIP] The eCover Creator [Laughingbird Software]

The eCover Creator [Laughingbird Software]
The eCover Creator $37!

Start off by creating your awesome covers with the built in templates! Then, "Map" them to 3D boxes, magazines, fat and thin books and CD covers! These High Quality graphics will make you look like a graphics guru in minutes!

The eCover Creator 7 Features:

- Start off with over 50 modifiable covers! Easy to change all of the elements in each cover!
- Change the text, the graphics ... the background images! EVERYthing can be modified and customized
- Once you finalize your cover design, "Map it" to one of the 50 3D images!
- And finally, add text and other elements to make your 3D cover look amazing!
- We all know you need eye-catching, attention grabbing graphics for your website but QUALITY images CAN GET EXPENSIVE!
- But with these amazing 3D graphics and templates... it's NOT expensive!

Watch this quick walk through

The eCover Creator [Laughingbird Software]



  1. why man?? why are you doing like this??
    few months back you gave all the software's, tools for free. I think you forgot that man.
    look man! your site name is: it's free software license.
    we thought you are peoples hope, because you gave all the software, tool for free in the past.
    but now??? what happen now. ??
    you published all the post here only for VIP! fuck VIP man! really felt heart broken. because of your attitude. in the past you was a good man. but now??? now you are not helping people to get up.
    why are you doing like this. ???
    really hate you now. I think it's time to good bye your site. You can see from today your site will go down. Because you are not helping people anymore. You only think about money. not for helping people by giveaways.
    I also thought you're a good man. because you helped people in past by giving free giveaways. But now???
    now you're always think about just money. You fooled us in the past by giving free. from doing that You wanted to increase your traffic that's why you gave all software for free in the past.
    but now??
    you are such a inhuman now. really hate your site.
    fuck VIP! fuck VIP option. because we don't have money to buy it. we are poor people that need to rise up.
    But you don't want us anymore. you only think about money now. So fuck VIP!

    1. no fuck VIP? buy now VIP LIFETIME MEMBERS ?

  2. Anonymous, We are not the Red Cross here...We to (admins) have a life and family and need some income too +VIP protects our giveaways and keep them longer a live and we keep it away from leechers and ungrateful people like you....we are still giveaway really cool stuff for FREE but the expensive and more popular is for VIP only! But anyway thanks again for the kind words...Goodbye and Have a nice life!

  3. Ungrateful people. Just disgusting, even if you guys dont appreciate all the hard work done by the admins at least don't look stupid with comments like this.. Anonymous


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