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[VIP] Marketing Software [The Top Marketing Software In One Place]

Marketing Software [The Top Marketing Software In One Place]
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Marketing Software [The Top Marketing Software In One Place]

Fast Traffic Sniper

Our Fast Traffic Sniper software gives you an advantage over other advertisers - by providing relevant data for you to use on your ad campaigns.

Fast Traffic Sniper is a combination of tools - tools created to help you research your ad campaigns, lower your cost of advertising, and become more effective. 

- Quickly scrape Google, Yahoo, Bing for data you need on your campaigns - Find cheap domains and keywords 

Build Redirects

Our BuildRedirects software helps you save time by letting you create redirects for multiple servers, multiple domain names, all from one place. 

This software is easy to use - and what's great is that you no longer need to use an FTP client and upload new pages. 

You can set up as many FTP sites as you need - and be able to quickly set up redirects on multiple sites at once. With ad campaigns that require many redirects - this software can help you save precious time 

Automation Twitter 

Our AutomationTwitter software lets you automate tweeting on your Twitter accounts. Save time and increase your following with less work. 

Building a Twitter following takes time - but AutomationTwitter makes it much quicker. Enter tweets and select a posting interval. The software will automate the work for you, even while you are away from a computer or smart phone. 

You can also use increase your success on Twitter by making use of the keyword search tool. 

Lead Gen Builder 

Our LeadGenBuilder software allows you to create lead web pages ready for list building - without any programming experience required.

With LeadGenbuilder, you can select themes to use for your lead pages - and create pages that you can use for list building - with minimal effort. Download web pages, or publish to FTP from LeadGenBuilder. 

You can integrate AWeber in just seconds - and Facebook in less than a minute. All this with just a few clicks. 

Auto Traffic Accelerator 

Our AutoTrafficAccelerator software allows you to quickly use Youtube to increase traffic to your site - or directly to your affiliate links. 

This software will allow you to increase site traffic very easily and very quickly. Simply choose from the following types of projects: 

Messaging projects to message popular video uploaders, offering a small payment in exchange for them placing a link in their video description, or ripper projects to download Youtube videos and reupload using your own site (or affiliate) links. 

Niche Finder 

Our NicheFinder Software lets you find the best keywords for you to use - and also allows you to find the very best domain names for you to use. 

Improve your ad campaigns by finding relevant, cheap keywords. You will be able to view and sort relevant keywords by difficulty, cost, and more. 

Easily find quality domain names that consist of relevant keywords. The software allows you to find great new and aged domain names. 

Guest Post Blogger 

Our GuestPostBlogger software lets you quickly find blogs - and contact people from within the app itself using email, Twitter, and Facebook. 

This software helps you to advertise more easily - by finding guest post blogs for you. It then compiles a list of emails, Twitter usernames, and Facebook usernames for multiple sites. 

Quickly contact people by creating message templates - and contacting using email, Twitter, and Facebook 

Wikipedia Links Generator 

Our WikipediaLinksGenerator Software helps your site rank higher on search engines by finding you quality Wikipedia articles with high rankings. 

Wikipedia articles can be a great source for quality backlinks to your site. This software finds relevant Wikipedia pages for you - from your entered keywords. It then shows you the article URL, Google PageRank, Google ranking, and its number of external links.

You can sort by this data and find the very best pages for you to use. 

Pin Profit Multiplier 

Our PinProfitMultiplier software allows you to easily profit from Pinterest pins. Create new pins, repin existing images, follow users, and more. 

This software does everything for you. Enter in keywords and the software will add pins automatically for you - from sources such as Flickr, Photobucket, Youtube, Vimeo, and more. Add pins and repins in just seconds. 

With an advantage over those who advertise manually - you are sure to create successful ad campaigns on Pinterest. 

Content Creator 

Our ContentCreator software allows you to create quality online articles in just seconds. Save hours and create quality articles. 

All you need to do is enter a keyword and select your article sources. The software does the rest! Choose from GoArticles, Wikipedia, Hubpages, Wordpress, and more! 

You can also enjoy features such as spin-ready articles. 

Linkedin Lead Finder 

Our LinkedlnLeadFinder software allows you to get quality leads by utilizing Linkedln and increasing your networking capability.

This software allows you to quickly and easily utilize the full power of  Linkedln.

Use this software to quickly join Linkedln groups, make connections, send messages, and more.

It only takes a couple of clicks.

SEO Links Builder

Our SEO Links Builder software helps you increase your search engine ranking by helping you post quality backlinks with just a few clicks.

Enter in a few keywords and you'll be all set - the software helps you find the very best sites for you to post to.

Have the software do all the work for you with the automatic commenter 
tool. You also have the option of submitting manually, right from this app.

Mobi Builder

Our MobiBuilder software allows you to easily create mobile websites - with no HTML experience required. Take advantage of mobile web traffic.

Mobile websites are increasingly popular. This software allows you to create 
mobile websites without having to spend time learning and writing HTML.

You can create mobile websites in just a few clicks. Select widgets from the 
left sidebar, customize to your liking, and you're set to use your new mobile website.

FB Graphic Maker 

Our FBGraphicMaker software allows you to easily and efficiently advertise on Facebook, through its easy to use timeline editors.

Use this tool to quickly generate Facebook fan page covers images, timeline 
cover images, coupons, and icons.

The software is very easy to use. Simply run the software and customize your 
graphicsto your liking through a few simple clicks.

Banner Maker Pro 

Our BannerMakerPro software allows you to create quality banners in just a few clicks. Add images, text, animations, and more.

This software allows you to create attractive and practical advertisement banners.

You can choose from preset banner sizes, or enter your own. Enter a 
background color, gradient, or background image. Add images and text, 
then add animations with just a few clicks.

Marketing Software [The Top Marketing Software In One Place]


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