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[VIP] ClickMSG [Facebook Messenger Marketing Software]

The Breakthrough That Makes Messenger Ads Easy

New Software Lets You Send Profitable, Graphical, Eye-Catching New Type of Personal Messages Right Into Every Prospects' FB Inbox!

This Software Is The Only Way You Can Do It Without Being A Coder!

ClickMSG [Facebook Messenger Marketing Software]
EXPLOIT The Biggest Revolution By Facebook In Marketing

ClickMSG is a new software which lets you send profitable, graphical, eye-catching new type of personal messages right into every prospects’ fb inbox. And now you can exploit it without becoming a coder!

There’s no need to know a single thing about JSON or any programming. With ClickMSG you can just simply type and create Facebook Messenger ads the way you are used to. You even get a live preview on the side, just like what Facebook shows you.

With ClickMSG Anyone Can Send Graphical Messages & Animated GIFs – Forget Boring Text-Only Messages

ClickMSG is the Facebook's newest Ad Technology that generates the powerful JSON ad data format with all your ad content that you can paste into Facebook ads interface. It provides you everything you have to set up rich messages without any technical know-how. This product will boost to your Facebook Ads profits one simple change and 3x in sales revenue.  

It is 100% compatible JSON data that you can easily paste into your Facebook ads interface and also activate your messages. It will create your message visually and see the true preview of how it will look on your customer's computer. You can send anything, including coupons, images, sales pitches all in the same message. It will not that you can even ask your prospect questions, and also give them options or even conduct surveys. Everything from inside Facebook messenger. You can also reach your clients through all the devices such Computer, Phone, and Tablet. 

ClickMSG [Facebook Messenger Marketing Software]
ClickMSG Lets You Send a Personalized 
Message on Any Click Forget Commenting!

The ultimate Facebook messaging software, unlike anything released before!

Facebook just introduced a fantastic new ad format – ‘Messenger’. Anyone who clicks on your ad will get a personalized message right in their inbox.

That’s right. Anyone who CLICKS on your ad, gets a personalized message!

But there is a problem…

The problem we solve is that building these new type of messages requires a lot of technical and coding knowledge and not everyone can use this technology or even knows it exists! We’re bridging the gap and making it easy for any marketer on Facebook to create these personalized messages.

With ClickMSG technology, you can send anything, including coupons, images, custom call to actions, sales pitches all in the same message. Not only that, you can even ask your prospect questions, and give them options or even conduct surveys. All from inside Facebook messenger!

✓ Brings Facebook Messenger Ads within your grasp.
✓ Send a brand new type of personalized message to anyone who clicks on your Facebook ads (forget boring text-only messages)
✓ Promote offers, coupon codes, grab leads, make sales pitches, or anything else you want.
✓ This is the ONLY WAY to create graphical Messenger ads with an image, call to action, and even reply options!
✓ Prospects get a customized instant message right inside of their Facebook inbox as soon as they click on your Facebook ad.
✓ 100% approved Facebook technology and SAAS. No risk of account getting banned.

This is Facebook’s Most Powerful NEW Marketing System
Messenger Ads (Ads In Facebook Inbox)

✓ Whenever someone clicks on your ad they see a personal message on Facebook with anything you want.
✓ 100% Inboxing and 100% delivery. Your message is seen 100% of the time.
✓ People can select from preset responses to your ad message.
✓ Prospects can type in any query and you can answer it in the exact same chat.
✓ This is the only way to know who's clicking on your ad and, actually talk to them.
✓ Talk to anyone who clicks on your ad. Be a salesman!
✓ Send animated GIF ads. to leads in their inbox. Better than video ads!
ClickMSG [Facebook Messenger Marketing Software]

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