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[VIP] VidKala [Create Viral FB Videos] [+BONUS]

VidKala [Create Viral FB Videos] [+BONUS]
Attention: All Website Owners, Beginners & Viral Traffic Seekers

VidKala – World’s 1st Software to Effortlessly MONETIZE YoutubeTM Videos as Videos on FbTM FanPages to Make You Passive Income On 100% AUTOPILOT

Watch How This Software Create Viral Fb Videos With Trending Hashtags For Any Keyword In Under 60 SECONDS To Get FREE Targeted Traffic

Grow Your Fb Pages on Complete AUTOPILOT With Unlimited
100% REAL, Targeted FANS In Any Niche

Plus Create Auto-Sync Money-Making Video Sites For Each FB Fan Page

Vidkala is a WP plugin allowing you to make money sites with 10 times profit by 100% autopilot within less than 60 seconds. Now, let just take it one by one. Taking advantages of top viral video on YouTube and adding your own CTA to the video when you re-post the video, Vidkala can skyrocket your sales with better conversion and massive traffic, and finally huge cash.

But this app isn’t a prank or scam. It’s totally safe to your sites. The videos on searching results are all allowed to use without any copyright infringement. And you’ll also make no violation against FB sharing codes when using this app.

The Great Features And Benefits:

Vidkala has many powerful features for you to monetize massively within a minutes. Now let me pinpoint some for you

✓ Easy to use, newbie friendly interface
✓ Work on any niche with trending hashtags for any targeted audience
✓ Powerful searching tools with filter to get the top viral videos via most comments, most likes, and most views.
✓ Safe filter with no violated results
✓ Allows to post on WP and FB pages
✓ Compatible with all the other plugins and themes on WP
✓ Create the video post and upload the YouTube video on pages as a native FB post after grabbing it on YouTube, and all of these are automatic.
✓ Freely edit the title, description and tags of the videos
✓ Add the YouTube tags into hashtags on FB post and into hyperlink on WP
✓ Statistics dashboard to analyze the results of the videos you posted
✓ Management dashboard to control all your videos. After analyze the outcome in the statistics dashboard, you can delete the videos that don’t work well.
✓ Post many videos at one time, and on multiple FB pages.
✓ Publish instantly of schedule the videos with delay time for each video by bulk feature, both work on FB and WP.
✓ Automatically generate the CTA button for you based on their description, you can deliver the audience to sale page or wherever you want them to go when they click on it.
✓ Work smoothly on both Mac and Windows PC

How Does It Work?
Vidkala will help you monetize within 3 steps:

Step 1: Search you video. Enter the keyword in the box to find the video you want. All the search results are labeled by Creative Common so you don’t need to worry about copyright violence issues. You can filter your search result with views, likes, comments to get the top videos.

Step 2: Customize your video. In this step, you can edit all the description, tags and titles of your videos. You can add the CTA for your subscribers to your pages.

Step 3: Export your videos. Vidkala allows you to publish or schedule your videos. You can multiply post a video on more than one page and post more than one video on a page.

You can rinse and repeat the process to set up as many profits driving viral videos factories as you want …

Use Power Of FB Video Which is Still Untapped Leveraging Viral Video On Youtube To Get More Traffic In Any Niche Without Ever Having to Create Quality Videos or Write Content Yourself

VidKala [Create Viral FB Videos] [+BONUS]


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